Mexican 4 x 2 lb special

"what do you think of <insert origin name> cocoa?"

Let me ask you, what do you think of American apples?  Or American wines?  How about pizza?

The answer is the same.

There is just too much friggin variety and this special Mexican Origin is to show you just how many differences there can be in cocoa from the same country, let alone the small area these all come from.

For this special (until supplies run out of one of them) you will receive 2 pounds of each of the following:

  • Almendra Blanca from the Chantalpa Tabasco region
  • Criollos mix Chiapas from the Soconusco region
  • Local variety mix from also from Tabasco, Chontalpa
  • Amelonado Forastero from the Comalcalco of Tabasco

And the extra special special of this is that I'm knocking 10% off the total if you picked them individually.