Tempra Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

I really love this thermometer.  It is perfect for chocolate tempering (especially with a name like Tempra)  and getting a surface temperature when you are roasting. Just aim the little red laser pointer (no, you should not point it at anyone's eyes) and up pops the temperature.  There is also a handy spotlight that I have found I like during roasting.

I have checked the calibration on half a dozen of these, and all have been either right on (at boiling and freezing) or no more than on degree off with a range -9.9 F - 932 F.  You have a choice of Centigrade or Fahrenheit readout on the big easy-to-see LED screen, and a Hold button in case you want to freeze the readout screen at a particular moment (not sure why you would want to. With a pen, paper and a watch, you can create roast curve charts and graphs the old fashioned way! 

The foam insert it comes in does suck too bad either.