Cocoa Butter - Raw/Organic

Certified Organic


This cocoa butter is truly raw.  The butter is from fermented beans that have never exceeded 115 F at any stage in the process and have not been roasted.

And as is very important to me, they also have a clean bill of microbiological health.  i.e. no detectable levels of a host of organisms including  but not limited to salmonella and e. coli.

And as I hope you would expect from anything I offer, it It has a nice subtle chocolate aroma and no sour or off notes.  It makes a fine base for white and milk chocolate.  I find that it is somewhere between the Natural and Deodorized I carry in regards to flavor and aroma.

The addition of cocoa butter will affect the mouth feel, melting point and other textural components of your finished chocolate. Use anywhere from 0-20% cocoa butter. This is supplied in pieces for ease of use (not even as shown).

The 50 lb/ 23 kg option is a full block of cocoa butter and takes an extra week to arrange shipping. Hopefully you won’t mind for the discounted price.