Colombia - Arhuacos 2017

 Origin:  Columbia - Arhuacos

 Region: Sierra Nevada

 Crop: 2017

 Flavor Notes:

The chocolate starts off with a rich toasted biscuit and raisin aroma that starts the mouth watering.  The chocolate flavor is full and deep with a melange of sun warmed cherry and a vibrancy of crisp orange citrus.  The overall profile is round and full.

That vibrancy is clean and comes across as a noticeable but not bracing acidity balanced by a little cashew nuttiness and just a hint of wine like tannic notes.

The Arhuacos are one of three indigenous groups that preserve the biodiversity sanctuary of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. They believe that the balance of humanity is in the respect of all beings and the earth and that their territory, the Sierra Nevada, is the center of the universe. This community recently returned home after generations of land issues with colonizers and drug wars. Now, the Arhuacos derive their livelihoods mainly from sustainable agriculture including harvesting of native cacao deep in the jungle close to the Venezuelan border.

Since 2009, Cacao Hunters has worked with the Arhuacos community of about 70 farmers to produce well-fermented, high quality cacao. In 2017, Cacao de Colombia handed management of the centralized fermentation and processing center over to the community to manage.

Today, the Arhuacos farmers make 58% more income by selling wet cacao to their own processing center than dry to other buyers. For a community in which cacao is the main source of income for 9 out of 10 farmers, and where 73% of the people live below the Colombian poverty line, this increase in income makes a big difference in quality of life for families and furthers the sustainability of this incredible culture.

On the Behmor I would suggest P1 as your starting point and a solid 20 minutes.

The drum roasting profile I used for the evaluation sample was 11:15/13:45/19:15 @ 262 F.  You can likewise take this bean a little farther EOR since the bean is bolder in flavor than many..

Due to the nutty nature keep your attention focused on sharp aromas that can make the nut go extra bitter.  Overall it is a durable bean, so just be mindful.  It isn't a delicate flower of a bean.