Costa Rica Macaw Kakau Direct trade 2019/20

Origin: Costa Rica

Region:  Macaw Kakau Lodge

Crop: 2019/20

Type: Trinatario mix

Certs: Direct Trade

Flavor Notes:

This is very much the Yang to the bright, acidic, and fruity Madagascar Yin. Dry, elegantly sweet, nutty and nuanced.

There is molasses and gardenia in the aroma, which is an interesting combination given the heaviness of the first and delicate nature of the later.  The first thing you are going to notice in the chocolate.  This beans makes a chocolate with incredible clarity and full chocolate flavor.  Astringency and bitterness are nearly absent to the point that should you want to roast this super light for some reason, there is little fear of that pithy raw astringency.  The acidity is really soft and gives just enough balance that the chocolate is not flabby.  There is a fresh red berry jam like flavor, accented by the intense inherent sweetness in this profile.   Rounding it out is toasted Brazil and Macadamia nut and leather.  That nut character is why you are not going to take the roast to a higher end of roast temperature.  The lower 240s is fine and as long as you stretch it out, even the mid 230s can be quite good.

These are a very small micro-lot from Macaw Lodge

This is a bean that does not take well to rough treatment. That means no really aggressive ramps, plenty of time in the development phase and finishing phase (3 and 4 minutes respectively) with an EOR not much more than 245 F. The profile I used for the tasting notes was 12.5/3.0/5.0 @ 245 F. One profile at 256 F was overly tannic and bitter.