Dominican Republic Eden O Organic 2015

Origin: Dominican Republic - Eden O

Type: Trinatario

Certifications: Organic

 Year: 2015

 Flavor Notes:

 While roasting nice baked bread aromas come out.  Sort of baking at grandma’s house in the winter.  In the chocolate vanilla and light floral honeysuckle come through.  My first impression upon tasting is ‘delicate’.  There is a fruity tang of kiwi and passion fruit.  Also the pretty classid light leather of the Dominican Republic.  But everything here is soft and balanced.  In this case there is very little astringency or bitterness.  Instead the level of acidity keeps it from being flabby.  But it is a soft malic acid not a sharp acetic or lacto acidity. 


The lasting impression is liveliness and freshness.  Subtle on the chocolate but not boring by any means.

This is the first time I’ve offered this co-op.  Eden O.  Nice, isn’t it?  A quick note about it’s Fair trade status.  It should be certified Fair trade but due to some paperwork details being out of order, it isn’t officially certified Fair trade.  Something about the wrong name in the wrong place on the applications.  Regardless….It is a pretty classic  Trinatario.  It is pretty mild as Dominican Republic beans go.  Maybe a little extra refined? 

This cocoa bean handles a roast that is a touch heavier than many but I like a lighter roast on this one given it's delicate nature....but not too light.

Pre-heat your oven to 360 F. Put a pound of beans into a heavy corning ware type container, about an inch deep. Put them in for 15 minutes, stirring at 5 minutes (and every 5 minutes after this). At 10 minutes, reduce the heat to 330 and roast another 10 minutes. Pull out a handful of beans for comparison. Turn off the oven and let the remaining beans set/roast for a final 10 minutes in the cooling oven. Remove them and let them cool. This should give you a nice medium roasted bean. Compare the two sets and see what you think and adjust your roasting from there.

Behmor users should feel free to start at the 'classic' profile of P1 for 16 minutes with 2 lbs and adjust from there to suit your tastes.