Ecuador 2017 Organic Grupo Salinas

Origin: Ecuador - Grupo Salinas
Type: Trinatario and Nacional
Certs: Organic
Crop: 2017

Flavor Notes:

The spider chart is the perfect example of a picture being worth a 1000 words. This is a big, full, round flavored chocolate.

The aroma starts off with chocolate and sweet vanilla aromas in a large way. Going around the chart, there is a citrus acidity, the bitter edge of orange rind and a bit of hoppy astringency. The sweetness noted in the aroma continues on in the flavor and backed up by an orange marmalade. The floral notes are vanilla and rose. It rounds off with a pistachios and a soft sweet leaf tobacco earthiness.

You have plenty of leeway roasting here.  Don't be tempted to treat this gentle to reduce the aforementioned bitterness.  Most likely you will just not develop other flavors and highten the bitterness instead.

I like this bean roasted a little heavier than many. In general, try giving this bean an extra 2-3 minutes roasting at a slightly hotter (5-10 F) temperature than you normally would for many beans and see what you think. I  wait until I hear a few beans popping, and still give it a 2-3 minutes.

If roasting in the Behmor, roast 2 lbs and use P1 on the one pound setting, for 18 minutes or until you hear a pop or two.  Then take it longer.  1-2 minites.  It is virtually impossible to over roast in the Behmor with 2 lbs in there.

Drum roasting I found I like X/2/4 @ 258-262 F