Escali Digital Scale

Over the years I have used a number of  Escali scales.  The first was a 13 lb one.  That was discontinued and a 33 lb capacity one was offer.  Now the 13 lb one is back.  So it's your choice.  The larger one is handy for taring your Melanger bowl.  The smaller works great if you just weigh in a a separate bowl (what I tend to do).  Either way, they both have the following features.

  • Tare feature
  • multiple units (lbs, oz, grams, kilograms)
  • Electric or battery power
  • 13 or 33 lb capacity (the larger  is nice for taring your Melanger bowl on - they are about 18 lbs)
  • 0.1 oz or 5 g discrimination

In addition, a couple nice features is that the units stay to the one you selected when it turned off (others make you scroll each time it powers up), and the top loading tray is removable for cleaning and there is also a blue back light that I've found handy.