Guatemalan Chimelb - 2015

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Chimelb

Crop: 2015

Type: Trinatario


It looks like the Guatemalan supply market is starting to open up.  This is a pretty straight forward chocolate.  Very much a 'chocolate' chocolate if you will.  But unlike some chocolates that get that description, this one doesn't have a muddy or indistinct flavor profile.  If anything I was struck by the clarity of the flavors.  There is raw cane sugar and vanilla present (not literally, please).  It has a tight low level acidity and a minor amount of astringency, both of which seem a little higher than you might think a first, but only because it is in comparison to the restrained flavor of the rest of the profile. 

If you are careful you can probably detect a touch of green tabacco in the aftertaste and the brightness of lychee in the flavor and aroma.

They come from a farm in the Alta Verapaz mountains in Coban. 

The beans have a beautiful preparation and the small amounts these were prepared in show very well the care that was involved.  The are fully fermented and wonderfully clean.  They are a pleasure to work with.


Due to the resonably restrained nature of this bean I would urge you to not roast it too heavily.  Now, that does not mean roast it lightly.  In a word, just roast it fully.

In the Behmor, P1-P3 for 18-20 minutes is going to be just fine.

If oven roasting, assuming a poiund or two, 350 F to start, for 15 minutes, then down to 300 until you smell chocolate.  Pops are a good indicator you are there (assuming it's in the 20-25 minute range).

For drum where you can measure the bean temperature, a 250-260 F ending temperature in 15-18 minutes is grand.

Pretty classic.