Guatemala - Monte Grande - 2018

 Origin:  Guatemala

 Region: Costa Sur

 Crop: 2018

 Flavor Notes:

The aroma is a nice blend of red grape and chocolate.  The entire flavor profile is a beautiful example of balanced brightness.  The grape aroma continues on with a comfortable tang of acidity along with a tart vibrancy or citron and clarity.  It is wonderfully refreshing and not at all off putting.  That vibrancy is balanced with a bit of pithy astringency and bitterness but all kept in check by a clean cane sugar sweetness.

Drive through the dramatic volcanic highlands of Guatemala towards the Pacific coast and land at Monte Grande, a family-owned farm near the border with Chiapas, Mexico. The farm, which includes cacao, rubber, and palm, was purchased in 1867 by the Conde family with six gold coins. This region of Guatemala, known as “Costa Sur,” was historically the country’s center of cacao production and genetic research, but when prices dropped in the 1970s most cacao was abandoned.

Since 1984, the Conde family has been planting new varieties and propagating selected trees from the farm. Today, the cacao farm is 19 hectares and expanding with 11 hectares of seedlings grown in the farm’s own nursery designed for water conservation and multi-crop propagation. Antonio Conde, 26 years old and a graduate of Earth University in Costa Rica, manages the farm on behalf of his family and seeks to replace as many of the farm’s former palm and rubber plots as possible with cacao agroforestry, setting an example for other estates in the region.


On the Behmor I would suggest P1 as your starting point and roast at least 18 minutes.

The drum roasting profile I used for the evaluation sample was 14:45/17:15/20:15 @ 258 F.  This bean have a fine dynamic range mean you can keep it light or as dark as you want. 

The important thing is to make sure you give it enough time in the Finishing phase so that the heat can fully penetrate and you don't get a raw astringency if you want to keep the end temperature low.