Jamaica 2014

  • Origin: Jamaica

    Type: Trinatario

    Year: 2014

    Flavor Notes:


    I know there are getting to be a number of cocoa beans out there, but this is a little different in two ways…which nearly cancels out the difference. Most Jamaican cocoa has been kiln dried and polished because of the tumbling action of the drier. Difference #1. But his one is different from that in that it has not been polished. Difference #2. So basically it looks like a standard cocoa beans.

    There is a limited amount of this and no prospects for more so get it while you can.

  • The predominant note I get off this chocolate is Raisin. And that capital is there on purpose. Fruity Raisin as it’s roasting. Fruity Raisin in the nibs. And Fruity Raisin in the chocolate. It’s a very clean raisin too, but with that lingering caramel notes you get with most dried fruit. The chocolate flavor seems to have a natural ‘dutched’ aromatic to it, lending a subtle overall impression. It has a good dependable chocolate flavor. After the fruit, there is the dryness of Brazil nuts and no discernable astringency or bitterness. And almost too much to believe, there is this hint of rum. Yeah. Raisin and Rum!

  • I have tried this on three different roast profiles. Effectively a light, medium and heavy and the chocolates although slightly different, are recognizable as the same bean (to me) and hold character very well. So have fun, and don’t worry too much.I have found this bean accepts a pretty wide roasting curve.