Novice Kit

This kit includes:

  • 2 lbs roasted cocoa nibs (alchemist choice)
  • 8 oz certified cocoa butter (in pieces for ease of use)
  • 1 oz lecithin
  • 3 chocolate molds (again, alchemist choice of design)
  • basic directions to walk you through your first bit of Alchemy

This kit does not include a few things that you will need to make chocolate.

  • Champion Juicer (with fine juice screen)
  • Melanger
  • Sugar
  • Numerous bowls and towels

    Also, please note that the option to add the Melanger (and any other equipment we may add) includes shipping for the Melanger and is valid for Continental USA (48 states) only. If you are shipping outside the mainland USA please choose the equipment you need separately for your region.