Peru Piura Blanco Organic - 2016/17

Origin: Peru

Region: Chulucanas

Type: Criollo

Certification:  Organic

Year: 2016/17

Flavor Notes:

There is an undeniable elegance to these beans.  As the Blanco indicates, it is a lighter "white" bean, pre-fermentation of course.   There is a lovely rose aroma and sweet, full bodied florals.

In lieu of balancing bitterness or astringency you have a perfectly balanced acidity that keeps it from being flabby.   A full fermentation lends to a very well developed chocolate flavor. There are tons of fruits but of the non-citrus variety.  Pretty classic tamarind and nectarine. 

The finish is really long and overlays with a silky, buttery toffee.  My final impression is one of Incredibly clean clarity of flavor.  I found it quite refreshing.

For those that like a reference point, this reminds me most of the Oro Verde I've had in for the last few years (that is now nearly gone).


The Piura is more north, close to Chulucanas, up by Ecuador almost.  I think these are pretty promising beans in that they show off very well what a mild bean can do.  Too many times Criollo is just boring.  Here is it elegant.  I have a very limited supply.

I found I like this one just barely on the heavy side to develop the chocolate notes.  The fruits and acidity will survive intact.

In an oven that means about 5 minutes more on your final temperature ramp.  In either a drum roaster or oven that means a bean temperature around 255-260 F.  Of course you can take it cooler if that is your preference.  You may loose a touch of the balance if it's too light. 

For the Behmor, 2 lbs, P1, 18-20 minutes does great.