Soy Milk Powder

On a weekly basis I receive a question about making milk free ‘milk chocolate’. After a couple years trying out different milk substitutes, I have found that I like this product the best.

It has some good milk flavor with none of the grainy flavors I found in a lot of soy or rice milk mixes. For calculation purposes for your recipe it has following proportions:

10% fat by weight
20% sugar (natural and added maltodextrin from corn)
70% other carbohydrates and solids

It is lactose, caseinate and gluten free and also vegan.

I have a page for the Soy Milk Chocolate Recipe I use quite a bit. It give full directions. If you use the following ratios (a little different from the recipe above), you can make a smaller slightly different batch of 40% milk chocolate.

10 oz Cocoa liqueur from a well flavored cocoa bean – I like the La Red and Chuao, but any will do. Go by your own tastes.(14.7%)
16 oz Cocoa butter (26.5%)
8 oz Soy milk powder (11.8%)
32 oz sugar (47.1%)

This ‘milk’ will also work quite nicely for a white chocolate.