Trinidad and Tobago - 2016

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

Type: Trinatario

Year: 2016

Flavor Notes:

These beans make a straight forward rich chocolate.  Classic chooclate is the lasting impression. It is clean in flavor.  There are virtually no floral aromas but have the fruity aromas of dried dates and cninamon.  The taste that comes through for me is dried mission fig, date sugar and toasted pecans.  There is also a background earthiness of dry loam and a variety of dry spice.  Cinnamon like in the aroma.  Plus delicate nutmeg and cardomon.

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to offer this origin.  In the past the samples have tended to meaty and over fermented.  Here they are fully fermented, but very clean in flavor.  No signs of over fermentation.

These are not a fussy bean to roast at all.  Virtually anything works.  You can keep it very light, with a surface temperature of 230 F or heavier to 260-265 F.  Those different levels will give you different balances of the nut/fruit vs earth.

On the Behmor, I liked my standard P1 for 18 minutes very much.  As short as 15 minutes (for 2.5 lbs) or as long as 22 minutes (with 2 lbs) will also work just fine.