Venezuelan Guaniamo - 2016

Origin: Venezuela

Type: Wild grown Forastero

Certifications: Ethically and Sustainably Traded

Year: 2016

    Flavor Notes:

This has to be one of the most elegant Forastero I've ever tasted.  Actually, very atypical for a Forastero.  That's what natural selection can get you.  There is rose and gardenia in the nose.  The flavor is distinctly chocolate with undercurrents of loam and soft leather.   It is rather low in bitterness but has a nice balancing astringency, but not overpowering.  There is distinct acidty, but soft like a malic acid grape nip.  The lasting impression is succulent.


This cocoa is grown deep in The Amazonian river basins of Venezuela, thought to be the birthplace of cacao.  Guaniamo is most well known for it's diamond mines.  The cocoa is wild cacao harvested by local Piaroa Indigenous communities. It is a two-day canoe trip or one day 4×4 expedition to bring this varietal from the Amazonian basin to the nearest roads for us to then drive another 10 hours to our warehouse.

You should feel free to experiment here.  The bean is structured enough to handle a wide range, but fermented well enough to accept a light roast if that is to your liking.  Really, you are going to be hard pressed to mess these up.  I know that scares some people, but just do it.  You will be fine.  Roasted a little light and you will accent the floral components.  A touch darker and the loam and leather will dominate.