Vietnam Dak Lak 2018 Direct Trade

Origin: Vietnam

Region: Dak Lak Provence

 Type: Trinatario

 Year: 2018

 Direct Trade.

This is a new region from Vietnam that we have not had before and probably the most restrained in flavor profiles.

There is sweet toffee and chocolate aroma.

The flavor starts off with a mouthwatering acidity but it is a softer and rounder acid tartness.  There is raisin and dried cherry.  The bitterness is of walnut skin and not unlike coffee.  The bitterness and astringency levels are moderately low and the bitterness comes from the burnt sweetness of toffee and brazil nut.  This has a nice clean profile over all.  There is a little hint of fresh leaf tobacco.


I had the privilege to meet with the founders of Marou chocolate at Chocolate Fest 2015.   Introductions lead to conversation which lead to talk of how they got started (big surprise, it was Chocolate Alchemy) and an offer by them to help me bring in some of the beans they use.  In short, this is the result. 

18-20 minutes in the Behmor on p1 or p2 (2 lbs).  375-400 F for 30-35 minutes in the oven also for a couple pounds.  255-265 F final temperature in a drum roaster if you have it.

I used a profile of 11:30/14:00/18:15 @ 260 F.